‘Time has come for youth to take lead’

Youth must take the initiative to bring about a visible change in politics by infusing new ideas in the electorate, Jana Sena Party president Pawan Kalyan has said. He was speaking after launching the party’s five-day mass contact programme, Tarangam, here on Wednesday. Under the programme, the party cadres will visit every household and listen to the problems of the people, besides educating them about the party’s ideology. Live on Facebook The highlight of the programme is that it is posted live on the Facebook pages of the party and its president. As part of the initiative, Mr. Pawan Kalyan knocked on the door of a villager, Somasekhar, and spent time with his family members to know about their problems. Seeing the pictures of temples, mosques and churches on the wall, Mr. Pawan Kalyan appreciated Mutyalappa, father of Somasekhar, for his religious tolerance. Dream come true It was a dream come true for Mr. Somasekhar, who had been following Mr. Pawan Kalyan’s political journey. On seeing the JSP president at his doorstep, Mr. Somasekhar pinched himself twice to ensure he was not day-dreaming! The JSP chief, along with party leaders Nadendla Manohar and Ravela Kishore Babu, spent about 15 minutes each at the houses of Krishnamurthy, Hassain and Quasim too. The entire village waited for Mr. Pawan Kalyan’s arrival by cancelling all their schedules. Schools were closed and children lined up along the road to welcome him. Women and men climbed atop their roofs to have a glimpse of the JSP chief. Farm labourers took a day off from work. A stronghold of the TDP, the youth of the village have been participating in the activities of the JSP. A few elders said their village was the choice for all the VIP politicians, and recalled the visits of caretaker Chief Minister of Telangana K. Chandrasekhar Rao when he was Transport Minister in the unified State and former Congress president Sonia Gandhi before the 2004 elections. On his way back, Mr. Pawan Kalyan stopped at the 30-acre farm of Obulamma, who was grappling with shortage of water as there were no releases from the Tungabhadra’s HLC canal located close to Marthadu.