Janasena Influence On YCP, Ambati Upset!

YSRCP loyalist Ambati Rambabu is an unhappy person these days. According to YSRCP sources, the party Chief is thinking of giving Sattanapalle seat that Ambati contested to a Muslim candidate. Apparently, in a recent survey done by YSRCP, people in the constituency are against Ambati Rambabu. With Jana Sena recently announcing a Muslim candidate for the seat, YSRCP is now planning to replace Ambati with a Muslim leader from the party. However, to pacify Ambati, the party high command has decided to give Ambati Rambabu a nominated post along with a soon-to-be-announced elevation in the party. Sattanapalle has been TDP's stronghold due to its candidate Kodela Sivaprasad who enjoys great goodwill and following in the constituency. With Jana Sena entering the fray and making key announcements in Guntur district, YSRCP is left with no option but to replace Ambati. But, Ambati Rambabu argues that they will lose other communities' support if a Muslim leader from YSRCP is given a ticket to contest from Sattenapalle. Looks like Jana Sena's influence in Guntur is affecting the YSRCP in its candidate selection process.