‘TDP-Cong. tie-up in no way beneficial to State’

Jana Sena Party (JSP) president Pawan Kalyan reiterated that Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu’s efforts to stitch up a coalition at the national level were intended to derive personal benefit. “Both the Congress and BJP have hurt the interests of the State badly. Mr. Naidu’s joining hands with the Congress and other parties is a politically expedient move and not meant to save democracy and protect the interests of A.P. I doubt whether these strange bedfellows will be productive,” he observed. Whatever course his party chooses in this realignment of political forces, it would be transparent and people would be convinced about the same, he stated. Speaking to media during his journey by the Janmabhoomi Express from Vijayawada to Tuni in East Godavari district on Friday, Mr. Kalyan said the TDP’s friendship with Congress was to suit Mr. Naidu’s convenience and the ‘same drama’ would obviously play out in A.P. too. Unfortunately, none of the parties was practising constructive politics. People, particularly youth, have therefore started looking for alternatives, he said.